Local Flavors

Holidays in the Greek islands are almost always accompanied by gastronomic bulimic tendencies.

The wind, the sea, the round trips and even the relaxation increase the desire to eat. Fortunately visitors can find restaurants, snack bars or taverns all around the island.

Whatever your culinary preferences are, do not forget to try the local
traditional products of Santorini.

The delicious saffron
fava beans dip "pantremeni" can be combined with many foods such as mashed potato, meatballs, soups, etc. The white dry fried eggplants, sprinkled with grated cheese will amaze you. Try the cucumbers with the sweet taste, the local tomatoes especially if you try them as tomato-meatballs, the corned "aposti" and the waterless melon.

The island has plenty of fish to offer, cooked with special techniques in order to make your dish delicious.

If you do not like sweets or are on a diet, try the traditional dessert of Santorini

The island is famous for its
local wines. The sweetest Vinsanto, the Asirtiko, the Athiri and the Aidani give special flavors to your lunch or dinner.

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