How to move around the island

The center for making trips around the island is of course Fira, the capital of Santorini. All routes to any settlements of Santorini begin and end from the Central square.

The public buses (KTEL) are new and modern. Several buses, synchronized with the arrivals and the departures of planes or ships, are available from and to the Airport or the Seaport.

Santorini has of course also enough Taxis, to meet the needs of tourists.

If your wallet "allows" it, our proposal is to rent a vehicle in order to be independent and able to visit the complete island.
There are several car rental companies where you can rent, and motorcycles or the very popular quads, which in the summer seem to occupy the island.

The road network is overall in a good condition. Be careful in intersections, since there are no traffic lights.
Speeding is neither appropriate nor recommended. The streets themselves rarely have signs with names or numbers, so the orientation is difficult.

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