The islander cluster of Santorini constitutes worldwide unique phenomenon of volcano caldera. The crescent, that people call Santorini, Thirasia and Aspronisi shape a conceivable circle, in the middle of which Santorini's caldera is found.

At the centre of Fira that is proudly erected between sky and sea you will find, in the most preferential spot, the atmospheric RASTONI Bar Restaurant. At an impressive locality, in the height of many masters on the abrupt rocks in the brow of caldera, RASTONI waits for you in order to travel you to the worlds of luxury...

The decoration of the three levels of RASTONI, delicate and refined, will gain your attention. Discreet chromatic combinations, art pieces all over, elegant chairs, atmospheric lightning, intelligent sea allusions, all carefully studied so that they exude an atmosphere of relaxation.

Enjoy one exceptional breakfast viewing at the eminent volcano, the sun that is sunk into the black sea while you drink your coffee or you visit RASTONI for a memorable dinner!


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AddressFira, Santorini
Tel.:  +30 22860 25117
Email:  rastoni.sunset@yahoo.com
Site:  http://rastoni-santorini.com/

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