On the north side of the island lays the preserved settlement of Oia. The castle of Agios Nikolaos evolved into a lovely village with cave houses, carved into the rocks. There are corresponding cave complexes that can accommodate visitors. The settlement is built at an altitude of 350 m; the houses seem to hug the caldera while floating on the cliffs above it.

First of all we must mention the world famous sunset of Oia. It is characteristic that visitors from all corners of the world visit Santorini just to enjoy the spectacle of the Oia sunset in the Aegean Sea. There is a specific point in the settlement that gives visitors the best view into the bright red, yellow, orange colors of the sun while it slowly drowns into the sea. After witnessing this imagery every visitor understands why Santorini is characterized as one of the most, if not the most romantic destination worldwide.

Alongside the caldera is an alley with several shops, taverns and restaurants with delicious food and bars to end the day having fun.

The closest beaches to Oia are the Amoudi and the Armeni Beach but also the Columbo Beach.


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